Types of Appliances

Dr. Hoybjerg Explains Different Types of Orthodontic Appliances

While braces and retainers are among the more common appliances used in modern orthodontics, there are actually a lot of different tools used to straighten crooked teeth or combat a misaligned jaw. The type of treatment that will be most effective for you or your child depends largely on the specific issues and problems you’re facing, but here’s a look at some frequently used orthodontic appliances, as well as some information as to how they work to improve your smile.

elastics (rubber bands)

Rubber or Elastic Bands

Used primarily to improve the overall fit of your upper and lower teeth, rubber and elastic bands must be worn exactly as instructed to maximize results.




We use headgear to combat an overbite or underbite. This apparatus helps hold your teeth in place while preventing forward growth by your teeth and jaw.


herbst appliance

The Herbst® Appliance

Used most often on young children, this appliance is designed to help minimize an overbite by helping the lower jaw come forward and the upper jar retreat backward.


palatal expander

Palatal Expanders

As the name indicates, this piece applies light pressure to your upper molars in an effort to expand your upper jaw. It’s advised that you continue to wear a palatal expander for several months after the desired effect is achieved to ensure regression won’t occur.




Typically worn for a month or two, positioners help with the final alignment of your teeth.




Available in either removable or fixed designs, retainers help keep your teeth from returning to their previous state after orthodontic treatment



Spacers and Separators

These small rubber circles are placed in between your teeth to push them away from one another. That way, there will be adequate space for the placement of orthodontic bands at your next appointment. Please note that floss and sticky foods are harmful to separators. 




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