Damon® System

damon system

Damon Braces in Roseville, Sacramento, Placerville, El Dorado Hills & Modesto

Welcome to Hoybjerg Family Orthodontics, the place where you can get tighter, brighter, and straighter teeth with Damon braces. Using state of the art technology and materials, our orthodontist, Dr. Hoybjerg, can give you the smile you deserve in less time than you think. We offer a wide range of treatment options to correct and enhance the appearance of your smile so that you can have the look and confidence you want.

What You Can Expect

On the day of your appointment, the orthodontist will apply a special substance to your teeth to prepare them for the placement of the Damon brackets. Once the brackets are bonded to your teeth, the archwire is added to your braces and adjusted so that they provide the right amount of tightening tension that is needed to align your teeth properly. It is not uncommon to feel a little pressure after getting your braces. This pressure is normal and gradually disappears as you become more accustomed to wearing your new braces.

Damon System

Benefits of Damon Braces

The Damon system uses state of the art technology to enhance the structure, alignment, and cosmetic appearance of teeth.

Benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • No elastic and metal ties needed
  • Improved comfort
  • Works faster than more traditional braces
  • Easy and discreet to wear
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Improves dental hygiene
  • Requires less appointments and fewer adjustments
  • Drastically reduces the need for teeth removal and palatal expanders
  • Improved bite alignment

Patients both young and old can take advantage of this revolutionary braces system.

Contact Hoybjerg Family Orthodontics

Thanks to the Damon system, getting rid of any gaps and crooked teeth is no longer a long and painful process. Contact Hoybjerg Family Orthodontics today at 1(800) 252-1223 for an appointment at any of our five locations: Roseville, Sacramento, Modesto, El Dorado Hills & Placerville.

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