Invisalign Teen

Teens, what would you do if you learned that you could have all of the benefits of braces without enduring years of visually distracting metal covering up your smiles? At Hoybjerg Family Orthodontics, we have seen how Invisalign Teen has helped many young patients achieve gorgeous smiles without experiencing the negative emotions and responses that may accompany braces. This corrective system consists entirely of aligning trays that are clear, comfortable, and customized to every patient’s needs, so no one except your orthodontist ever needs to know you are wearing them.

While some teens may look forward to wearing braces, a large percentage of the younger generation is concerned with how braces will affect their appearance, their relationships, and their overall lives. Invisalign Teen can help you avoid the potential hassles of braces without sacrificing the chance to improve your smile. Many teens have already experienced the following benefits of clear aligners:

  • No food restrictions or special diets to follow. You simply remove the tray at mealtimes and replace it afterward.
  • Less chance for emergencies arising because there are no brackets to break or rubber bands to tighten.
  • A smooth, comfortable fit.
  • No modifications to how you play musical instruments or engage in sports.

Teens have enough to worry about without adding to the pile. Instead of worrying about what your teeth look like, you can focus on how you will do at the Friday night game, whether Homecoming will turn out how you’d like, and whether or not your hair will look great in your yearbook picture.

Invisalign Teen was created to make treatment easier than ever for teenagers, so it comes with these added benefits:

  • Blue dot indicator that fades overtime, helping Dr. Hoybjerg track compliance
  • Six free replacement aligners, so if an aligner is lost or damaged, there’s no need to worry
  • Less time in the orthodontist chair compared to traditional treatments

Invisalign Teen won’t add to your stress, but help relieve it. What could be better than knowing you are on your way to the smile you’ve always wanted?