Braces in Sacramento, CA

Braces technology has come a long way in the last couple of decades, and there are far more options available to patients, and many more ways to control the outcome of your treatment. At Hoybjerg Family Orthodontics in Sacramento, CA, we work side by side with patients to develop the optimal treatment plan for their needs. We also provide the best technology orthodontics has to offer, from effortless Invisalign to highly effective Self-Ligating Braces. Read on to learn why Self-Ligating braces are a good choice for giving your child a smile to last a lifetime.

What does Self-Ligating Mean?

The only difference between self-ligating braces and traditional braces is that self-ligating braces have a clip built into each bracket that secures the archwire and does not require a rubber band. Some of the self-ligating brackets have “active” sliding spring clip mechanisms that apply pressure to the archwire, and some have “passive” sliding mechanisms that do not apply pressure. Self-Ligating braces deliver the dependable results of traditional braces, with just these few differences.

Shorter Orthodontist Visits

Self-ligating braces require adjustment at periodic orthodontist visits just like traditional braces, but the doctor won’t have to spend as much time removing and replacing a full set of individual rubber bands. Because the archwire is held in place by a built-in mechanism, adjustments can be made fast, and you’ll spend less time getting worked on.

Streamlined Appearance

Self-ligating braces have an all-metal appearance with a metal archwire. They incorporate none of those colorful little rubber bands we associate with traditional braces, which makes them a good option for kids and teens who want a more subtle set of appliances. You’ll never have to worry about your carefully selected rubber bands becoming discolored or going out of style!

Request a Braces Consultation Today

Every patient is unique, and his or her braces journey will be unique as well. Some people report that self-ligating braces show faster results in the first 4 months, are easier to clean, and cause less discomfort than traditional braces, but these differences have been proven to be minimal. In the end, it comes down to individual preference and the way you care for your chosen appliance. To get a personalized assessment and begin your braces journey, schedule an appointment at Hoybjerg Family Orthodontics today! We are committed to supporting patients of all ages, every step of the way, on their journey to a beautiful smile.

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