What To Expect When Getting Your Braces Off

What To Expect When Getting Your Braces OffThe big day is here — you’re finally getting your braces off! While you’re excited, you may also be a little anxious because you don’t know what to expect. Some people are afraid it will hurt, and others wonder what their teeth will look like after the braces come off. Hoybjerg Orthodontics wants to ensure you understand how your braces will be removed and what you will need to do once the braces come off.

The Procedure for Getting Braces Off

Orthodontic pliers will be used to gently squeeze the base of each bracket, which breaks the bonding adhesive to remove the bracket. When the brackets are being removed, you may hear some cracking noises as the cement bond is broken from the tooth. After all of the brackets are removed, the bonding cement will be removed with a dental tool that will also polish the enamel of your teeth – so be prepared for some scraping on your teeth.

Getting your braces removed is pretty painless. You may feel some pressure as the brackets are being broken from your teeth, and you may experience some sensitive spots as the cement is being removed, but overall most people report the process is painless. And, some people actually feel relief once the brackets are off.

After Getting Your Braces Off

Once your braces are off, your mouth will feel slightly different as you get used to your new bite and the smooth surface of your teeth. Some people also report some tooth sensitivity, but this should subside in a few days.

To make sure you preserve that new, beautiful smile, you will be fitted for a retainer that you will need to wear for up to a year. Your orthodontist will advise you on when you need to wear the retainer. Some people wear it all day and night, and others may wear it only at night. The good part is that you can remove it when you eat or if you have to speak in public. You should wear it as often as possible so that your teeth don’t start moving out of alignment.

Take good care of your retainer by cleaning it often. Your retainer can harbor bacteria like any other surface in your mouth. You should brush your retainer at least twice a day.

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